Hi everyone it’s Reif again and Today  I will be showing you the best helmet and visor cleaner there is on the market. Wurth helmet and visor cleaner is a easy and effective way to keep your helmet clean where ever you are. The wurth cleaner spray can hold up to 150ml of cleaning foam. The Main advantage of the wurth visor cleaner is that as the foam expands the active ingredients in the foam stops it from running of the visor making it effective to get the most out of your money. Spray evenly across the visor leaving it to eat through the dirt and grime, following through with a microfibre leaving it with a clean and shiny finish. This can be used for any visor for example ; mirrored coloured visors, black smoked, light smoked and clear. Please do not spray  on pinlock Or on the inside of your visor as it will effect your anti fog visor on the inside.

Wurth, it’s worth it!


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