Hi everyone Reif here again and today I’m showing you the amazing Caberg duke 2 helmet. This marvellous helmet comes in loads of different colours and graphics even one for you. The helmet in a flip front helmet which can be locked up legally with its p/j system. These helmets come in at £169.99 for your plain colours and then price depends on graphics.

this helmet comes with a free pinlock in box and is intercom ready. It also comes with removable wind stop and removable washable lining to spring that comfort back to what it was when you first bought it.

this great helmet comes with a 2 year warranty and has a sharp rating of 5 stars

if you want a comfy helmet for cruising round town, or going on holiday then this would be the helmet I would recommend.

THis helmet also comes with an intergrated drop down sun visor so you don’t have to bother putting on sun glasses.

all round this is just a great helmet to use it’s quite and has so many advantages. If your looking for a new helmet then I would definitely put this to the top of your list. Thanks for listening