Hi everyone Reif here again and today I will be showing you the the best earplugs. For only £19.99 the  pinlock earplugs reduces wind noise which improves the riders ability to focus and listen on his surrounding rather than the wind noise.

The advanced precision filter helps block wind noise which can be harmful to the ear without causing muffled hearing, allowing the rider to pick up on important sounds such as conversations, emergency vehicle sirens, horns and sounds from approaching vehicles and most importantly the best sound of all your bikes engine!!

The pinlock earplugs are made from silicone free materials making it comfier for the riders. The small filter and easily removable to allow you to clean your plugs quickly and easily without damaging it.

every pinlock earplugs box you buy you will get 2 optional sizes for the best fit for you. You can then change the filters and for it into the other earplug if needed.

Pinlock making riding enjoyable!