Hi, I’m Reif also known as the coffee boy. I have a part time job working at the Gear Box motorcycle shop during the weekends and when I’m off school as I’m only 15. My Mum and Dad own this Business and they have worked hard to get it running, turning it into a family run business hoping to pass it down to me and my siblings in the future.  This is our 3rd year taking this shop over and was supposed to be our best year, but unfortunately due to Covid-19 we were set bac so we are hoping next year is better. Role on 2021! I am in year 11 in secondary school and will be finishing school in the next 7 months.  I have been promised from my parents that if I do well enough in my GCSE I will be able to have my very own 50cc scooter to bomb around on for a bit of fun for when I turn 16 in May. My job at the Gear box is to sell motorcycle safety equipment to customers making sure they get the best out of money. I also do my own bike valeting keeping customers bike clean and shiny. I have been doing this for around a year and a bit know and have gathered a large amount of knowledge about all the different brands. This was made easier by having personal training from all our different Reps for example ; RST, Shark, Nolan, Xlite, Ixon, Bering, Weise, etc. We as a shop also have a full functioning workshop out the back with an amazing mechanic who can fix anything, so if you ever need a hand he is the man to call! If you want to see some of our clothing pushed to the limit then head on over to Loneride Adventures on YouTube and check my Dads videos out. All the clothing you see him wearing is available in our shop and is free to try on to get the best fit. He does all sorts of off-roading so if your worried about the clothing not working or not doing their job then just ask him he has tried them all out. Branching of from this we have made our own charity called Bikes to Africa where we will be buying some land over in the Gambia and will be establishing a safe place for bikes to be stored for the local clinics so they can use motorcycles to get to emergencies quicker. Following on from this my Father has done up him own bike and is mid doing up another bike to ride down from Bournemouth to the Gambia and to be donated to the local clinic there. Again you can learn more on this in store or send us a message via Facebook or Instagram. I think I’m going to wrap it up there for today but for my next post I will be going through different motorcycle accessories and clothing and why I think there the best.