Hi everyone Reif here again and today I will be talking to you about the nikwax tech wash and the nikwax tx.direct. The tech wash is to be used to wash the gear bringing your gear back to what it used to look like. For only £9.99 You can get your self practically a new jacket for a cheaper price. Using the nikwax tech wash solution brings back colours and also helps eep the material stronger to make it last longer.

The other nikwax product I’m going to talk to you today is the nikwax tx.direct. This is the waterproofing solution that you put into the machine before you wash your gear and it will rewaterproof the Whole piece of gear you have got in there. Again for only £9.99 you can make your old jacket more waterproof if a new jacket is still a bit on the pricier side of things.

Make sure to give your washing machine a full water rinse before putting your gear in and a full rinse after your gear is done. The nikwax tx.direct can be used for Gore-tex, laminate and standard waterproof jackets or trousers.