Hello everyone Reif here again and today I will be showing you the new richa laminate jackets. The come in 3 different colours; black, black and fluo, grey and fluo. These jacket I can tell you now that these are 100% waterproof. If they leek then the get sent back for warranty as they have to be waterproof

these jackets come with a removable thermal liner and adjustable straps on arms and hips. If you wanted to get the full kits then you can also purchase the Richa laminate trousers as well to ensure that you are dry and warm.

you have also got vents on arms chest and on the back which then keeps you cool in the summer. The richa jackets come with a full 3 piece armour system which includes back, elbows and shoulders. There is also room for an optional chest armour if wanted. (sold separately).

the jacket also has a connection zipper for the trousers if you wish to get those too.

I know many people we have sold this to that come back and tell us how amazing this piece of kit it is for only £299.99 depending on size. For the price you can’t get anything better than this.
thanks for taking time to read this