Hi everyone Reif here again. Sorry I haven’t done a post in about a week. Good news. I have just collected my first motorcycle and are going to be stripping it down with my dad In the workshop. I’m pretty excited. As you probably won’t remember my 16th birthday isent until may sk still have a while yet.

any way today I will be showing you the Shark LED Skwal 2 helmet. This helmets comes in loads of different colours and graphics not just the ones in the video. This helmet you are guaranteed a 5 year warranty so any problem with it you can pop straight back in and we can get that sorted soon as possible.

this helmet also comes with a free pinlock in the box which is nice as they are quite expensive to buy on top.

If you want to be visible at night then the Shark Skwal 2 is the helmet for you. It comes with a USB cable to fit in to the back of the helmet as shown in the video. You can also get two setting on the lighting: still, and flashing.
I do recommend this helmet for anyone who is constantly travelling at night.
thanks for reading enjoy the video