Hi everyone it’s Reif again and today I will be explaining to you about the new Furygan blizzard heated gloves. Bit before that I will just let you all know that I’m off school for Christmas now which apparently means I become a good boy. Whenever I go to school I’m not always good but when I’m of school I am so I will be putting a few more of these posts on more frequently as I’m of school. I will also be working at The Gearbox over the holidays so you know we’re to find me. (Not like that’s weird or anything but I will be here waiting) now that’s sounds weird, any way let me talk to you about these gloves.

These gloves run of batteries which are sold with the gloves plus charger. The new glove is made from goat leather so it is softer but stronger for better protection. The marvellous glove can connect to your phone through an app on android and Apple phones which you can set temperatures and set times for it to start heating. This is a good as it can automatically start heating up so it is ready to go when you are.

It comes with three heat setting which can be easily changed by the control pad on the glove. Batteries sit inside the glove comfortably, don’t even realise their in there. All sizes available but stock is going fast.

Furygan feel the heat!!


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